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What Is The Difference Between LED Downlights And Spotlights?

Many people are confused with LED downlights and spotlights, do not know what the difference between these two types of lamps and the effect of what is the difference.
What is the difference between general LED downlight and spotlight? First introduce the difference between LED downlight and spotlight downlight. LED downlight in appearance looks like a cylinder shape, embedded in the ceiling inside, so that the ceiling and so it seems to be one of the amount, will not undermine the original architectural decoration, it is called LED downlight. LED downlight lamps of this light source is also more commonly used in modern homes, the light is relatively high and relatively bright, in addition to home decoration, but also for construction projects, and large shopping malls and so on.


LED downlight and spotlight is the difference between the general decoration of the spotlight with the role of regulating the atmosphere, the color is diverse and rich, the general family to decorate the spotlight, then use the concealed method, the so-called concealed, which is buried inside the wall Power lines, lamps and lanterns in accordance with a row of decorative well, forming a line, known as the light strip, spotlights and downlights of light than light, spotlights soft light for local decoration, such as can be installed on the TV wall or aisle. What is the difference between LED downlights and spotlights?
1. Look at the installation location. The application of LED downlights is more extensive, and now all the major mall which will see the decoration of downlights, downlights can be embedded in the surface layer of the wall, this decoration will not break the wall of the original appearance, to keep the building As is, and the light is relatively wide, can be fully illuminated. The spotlight installation location, it is the surface of the wall, not to be embedded in the wall inside, and this is the difference between downlights and spotlights two.
2. Look at the light. Spotlights have a directional light, but also adjust the direction of the spotlight, but will not shine far, and soft light. LED downlight light source can illuminate any part of the house space, the light is also relatively soft, but the color is simple without directionality.
3. Look at the price. Spotlights and LED downlights belong to the same grade of lighting jewelry, but the price compared to, the more expensive spotlights, choose the best time to choose some brand of quality led downlight, not only the price is right, the price also reasonable. LED downlight and spotlights look style is also divided into large, medium and small three models, according to their needs for installation.

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