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  • Features of Dimmable Led Downlights


    Radiant Lighting dimmable led downlight design more beautiful and lightweight. Radiant dimmable led downlight is suitable for led mood lighting,led commercial lighting. Radiant Lighting is a professional manufacturer to providing you with……

  • Introduction to Tri-color COB Dimmable Led Downlight


    Radiant Lighting tri-color COB dimmable led downlight is a new type of lighting,with energy saving, low carbon, longevity, good color rendering,fast response speed and other advantages. Lighting is an important component of indoor design……

  • Radiant Lighting Fireproof Dimmable COB Led Downlight


    Radiant Lighting Fireproof Dimmable COB Led Downlight is replpacement for traditional halogen lamp, and it is widely used in hotel, house, office, parking lot, exhibition, club and other places that need indoor lighting. Dimmable led dow……

  • Radiant Lighting Tri-color Fire Rated Led Downlight Features


    Radiant Lighting Tri-color Fire Rated Led Downlight is a new type of lighting,with energy saving, low carbon, longevity, good color rendering,fast response speed and other advantages. Radiant Lighting is specialized in providing you with……

  • Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2017 Welcomes Record Number of Over 156,000 Global Visitors


    Kicking off on 9 June, the 22nd edition of the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) welcomed visitors for the four-day fair during which key industry players had the chance to explore the convergent future of the lighting in……

  • Research on LED Downlights and on OLED Lighting


    The US Department of Energy (DOE) has released two different solid-state lighting (SSL) reports of late — one focused on OLED usage in architectural lighting and another on the state of LED-based downlight technology. "OLED lighting produ……

  • What is LED DownLight?


    Lighting is an important component of indoor designing since it gives interiors that perfect ambience and welcoming brightness. Led Downlights are fitted in areas commonly hidden or above the ceiling such that they are out of sight. With ……

  • Challenges in LED Downlight Research and Development: Emitters


    The thing that actually converts electricity into light is the emitter itself. So there are a number of scientific challenges that are still out there in led downlights , particularly in emitters. Even though you can go to the cell phone ……

  • Kind LED Downlights-The Best Grow Downlights


    The conversation about the best grow lights, whether HID or LED downlight , continues to be a hot topic. With the quickly emerging hydroponic and vertical farming movement, the conversation now expands further than HIR vs LED and begs the……

  • Led Downlight R&D Challenges


    Like any new technology, LED downlighting must demonstrate a compelling value to buyers before it begins to win sizeable market share from the incumbent technologies it will replace. Over the past decade, research and development have yie……

  • Downlighting Inspired By Nature


    If we were given a choice, we would all light our nighttime landscape with moonlight. But since we can't control the moon, we find another way.LED Downlight is that way. With downlights we simulate the light of the moon. We create the fe……

  • Trending LED downlight Ring Spotlights


    LED downlight ring spotlights are for general indoor lighting. The slim elongated spotlights offer considerable light output that enhances every inch of any interior space. The sleek dimensions of this range makes them ideal to create di……

  • A Landscape Of The Future Of High Efficient LED Lighting


    The world LED lighting market has passed into the maturity stage, of which the saturation makes a few segments struggle. The world LED lighting market reached a value of USD 29.6 billion in 2016 and by 2017 the number will have possibly a……

  • What is the Difference Between LED Downlight And LED Spotlight?


    LED downlight:LED downlight is classified as open installed one and built-in installed one. For open installed one, you can directly install it without opening hole or suspended ceiling. For built-in installed one, you need purchase as pe……

  • LED Downlight Installation Precautions


    First,after open the LED downlight packaging,should immediately check whether the product is intact.There is a non-man-made or manual requirements within the requirements of the failure,can be returned to the retailer or directly returned……

  • Launches Tunable White and Dim-To-Warm Solutions


    A major developer and manufacturer of Led downlight  technologies, is introducing its Vesta Series platform of tunable white and dim-to-warm products during LIGHTFAIR International this week.Designed for retail, hospitality and healthcare……

  • The classification of Led downlight


    The classification of Led downlight: 1、Led downlight size, can be divided into 2 inch, 2.5 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch. Generally with the size of the relationship is there are three parameters, diameter, hole……

  • The characteristic of Led downlight


    LED downlight is the application of new LED lighting source in the traditional downlight on the basis of improved development of the product. The characteristic of Led downlight :To maintain the overall unity of the building decoration ……

  • The features of Led downlight


    Led downlight is a directional lighting fixtures, only its opposite surface to be light, beam angle is focused, the light is more concentrated, bright and dark contrast.More prominent by the object, high luminosity, but also bring out a q……

  • Green LED Light May Be A Solution for Chronic Pain Relief


    A Study by UA researchers revealed that rats with neuropathic pain that were bathed in green LED showed more tolerance for thermal and tactile stimulus. A clinical trial involving people suffering from fibromyalgia is underway. It ……

  • TILS 2017: Dimmable LED Ceiling Light by GlacialLight


    A dimmable LED ceiling feature light with flair and flexibility The GL-CFD06DA-35 provides a wide range of options to suit any design environment. For maximum aesthetic impact, this illumination product features two separate LED light so……


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