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How to Choose A High Quality LED Downlight?

To promote green lighting is to promote energy-saving emission reduction and climate change inevitable choice, is the development of the electrical lighting industry, the objective needs, but also to improve lighting quality and standards of the real requirements. In recent years, LED downlight with energy saving and simple and stylish advantages in the lighting market is very hot. Market prosperity, but also brought a mixed bag of products, which undoubtedly increased the difficulty of consumer choice. How to choose a high quality LED downlight? Please look down:
First,look at the brand: Big brands have experienced the test of time and consumers, no doubt more trustworthy. Radiant Lighting is a collection of research and development, production, sales and services of professional LED downlighting products high-tech enterprises. The main products are fire rated led downlight, dimmable led downlight, tilt led downlight, Integrated led downlight. It is suitable for LED Commercial Lighting, LED Mood Lighting, LED Grow Lamps and so on.


Second,look at the material: Radiant LED downlight the modern minimalist design and precision car aluminum process integration, the selection of lightweight, solid aluminum alloy as raw material, both to enhance cooling efficiency, but also to extend lamp life, energy saving and environmental protection.
Third,look at the color index: Color index is to see the color of the object in the light of the real degree of lighting.
Fourth, look at color temperature: Different lighting places need different color temperature LED lights to adjust.
Fifth,see if stroboscopic: Strobe lamps on vision will have an impact. Stroboscopic fault detection can be used to align the camera phone to take pictures, if the photo appear gray and white “stripe” then there is a strobe, if there is no “stripe” then no flicker.
Master these little knowledge, not afraid to choose high-quality LED downlight.

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