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Dimmable Recessed Led Downlight For Indoors

Radiant Lighting Machinery is a high quality Chinese manufacturer to providing you with dimmable led downlight, dimmable recessed led downlight and other led downlights. Dimmable recessed led downlight is a new type of lighting, with energy saving, low carbon, longevity, good color rendering, fast response speed and other advantages.
Like any new technology, dimmable recessed led downlight for indoors must demonstrate a compelling value to buyers before it begins to win sizeable market share from the incumbent technologies it will replace. Over the past decade, research and development have yielded impressive improvements in the cost, color performance, light output, efficacy, reliability, lifetime, and manufacturability of LED products. As a result, Radiant led downlight products have become competitive in almost every lighting application, but there is still room for improvement.
Despite the rapid pace of its development, Led downlight has not yet come close to achieving its full potential. Significant work remains to be done to further improve performance and reduce costs.


Dimmable recessed led downlight for indoors features:
1. Led downlight have high efficiency SMD LED chip.
2. Dimmable recessed led downlight have tri color temperature settings.
3. Dimmable with most leading edge and trailing edge dimmers.
4. Four colors interchangeable bezels.
5. Solid heat-sink design for excellent heat dissipation.
6. Dimmable Led Downlight with easy plug-and-play connectors for fast wiring.
7. Environmentally friendly,does not contain harmful substances.

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